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The Crown Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Crown Chakra Meaning

The crown chakra is located at the top of the chakra ladder which starts from the base chakra. It’s the seventh chakra that connects you to the universe, as well as to the divine source of creation. You will receive many gifts from the crown chakra, including the experience of unity and the unselfish realization that everything in this world is connected or linked to everything at a fundamental level. The energy of the crown chakra allows you to experience mystical oneness with everything and everyone. Although there is no intellectual knowing at this chakra’s level, there is peace, joy, and happiness. This chakra gives you a sense of knowing that there is a bigger and deeper meaning in life, and that there is an order that governs all of existence. When it comes to the crown chakra, it is important to go beyond the limits of your own pride or ego.

You must transcend the ego and accept that all creation is interconnected at a fundamental level. This interconnectedness is known as Akasha, or Zero Point Field.

According to Tantric philosophy, the crown chakra both receives and gives energy and consciousness. It receives energies to sustain life, and it gives back personal energies to band together with the collective pool of consciousness. It is the meeting point between the body and the ego, and between the universe and the soul. It is the place where time and timelessness cross, and where death and eternal life intersect. The crown chakra gives importance to an attitude of gratitude for life. When you truly understand that everything is interconnected, and that everything is part of a larger scheme, you will also start living in gratitude, trust, and faith instead of anxiety and fear. You will be guided by a higher power, and you will experience divinity from inside and out. The challenge of the crown chakra is liberating the spirit and opening to the divine, at the same time staying firmly rooted to the ground. But in essence, the crown chakra focuses on being of service to others, sticking to your values, observing high ethics, being a humanitarian, and being sensitive to the environment.

Crown Chakra Color

The crown chakra color is violet, which is the color of your connection with the energies of heaven. Violet is a very spiritual color. This color has the shortest wavelength and the strongest vibration of the colors in the spectrum of light. Violet gives an inner sense of oneness and wholeness. With this sense of wholeness comes the feeling of an ending, the completion of a cycle, and the promise of something new. This color also signifies rebirth and illumination. It connects with the sadness of letting go as well as with the happiness of transformation. It’s a testament that there is tranquility and peace in the knowledge of reflective change. The color violet is also very cleansing and purifying. It’s the color of magic, mysticism, mystery, connection, purification, cleansing, and ritual.

It’s the color that gives you a glimpse of other realities which are beyond your physical and material reality. It’s the color of reconciliation and brings together polarities. In a state of balance, you will feel a connection with other beings, with the earth, with heaven, and with all of the universe. You will discover the seat of your wisdom, and you will acquire knowledge and integrate it with your life. You will simply know and understand, and you will manifest divinity yourself.

On a physical level, the crown chakra color violet is associated with the cerebral cortex, the brain, and the skull. People with balanced and healthy violet energy have chakras that are also spinning smoothly. Energies in their body are flowing freely from the bottom chakras all the way to the top chakras. They also radiate peace, health, and effortless energy. They enjoy a healthy nervous system and a sharp mind. They possess excellent cognitive skills and overall physical health. They also have good reflexes and responses when there are changes in their environment. They are very connected to the body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. On a mental level, the violet color of this chakra signifies that you are curious, openminded, and a deep thinker. You love studying, reading, and learning. You are deep and imaginative, and you feel the unity of everything and everyone in this world. You question what you learn, you reflect, and you find patterns and connections within everything. When it comes to violet chakra color, there is no subject too dull or too boring to learn. The biggest challenge of the violet chakra color on a mental level is when you become too withdrawn or attached to the materialistic aspects or pursuits of life. You can become greedy and dominant. Without realizing it, you can invalidate other people’s beliefs. When you overindulge in earthly pursuits or become stuck in your way of thinking, or when you become unwilling to open up to different ideas, knowledge, or thoughts, you are doing the violet chakra color a disservice. On an emotional level, violet chakra color fills you with the energy of completion or the end of a cycle. It’s the color of release, letting go, or making room for something new. Violet may contain deep sadness or grief, but it also comes with the acceptance of everything that happens in your journey in life. It’s about suffering and hurting within the joy of living. Violet chakra color denotes that you are perceptive, sensitive, and intuitive. You possess wisdom and mastery, and you are aware of everything that’s going on around you. You are as spiritually connected as you are emotionally balanced. Overall, you have a peaceful, calm, and joyful outlook, greatly influenced by knowing you are connected to heaven and grounded on earth. The emotional challenge of violet chakra color is you cannot help but feel ungrounded or disconnected sometimes. You can feel overwhelmed or dissociated from your body. You can be confused or frustrated, and you can experience feelings of isolation or depression. You can also lack inspiration and demonstrate lack of apathy. When this color becomes blocked or excessive, it can also manifest as psychosis.

On a spiritual level, violet chakra color can indicate that you are someone who can give without the need for praise, recognition, or acknowledgment. You are whole, and you have deep wisdom. You can give from the place of your own inner completeness. Your oneness with the divine and your spiritual freedom allow you to see the big picture.

Because of your expanded awareness, you have spiritual freedom, and you feel connected to your spirit. You also manage to transcend the boundaries that keep everyone separate. What’s important to you is being of service to others while strengthening your spirituality and achieving healing. But on the downside, violet chakra color can make you experience spiritual crises more often. You can become more familiar with the ‘dark night of the soul’ because of this. Sometimes, you will also be unable to understand the deeper connection or the deeper truth. You will feel disconnected or alienated. You will also be prone to fragmentation, as well as spiritual abuse, addiction, or denial.

Mystical and spiritual experiences of the crown chakra are temporary for most people. Only a few have attained and maintained the level of consciousness from the context of a balanced crown chakra. Among these individuals are Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Jesus.

For most people, experiences of the violet chakra color are just fleeting moments of transcendence, or a peek of the highest level of reality. However, they’re enough to sustain your faith and trust. They’re enough to continue on your path of transformation and healing. These moments just come when they come, but you can learn to increase the likelihood of having these moments more often and more regularly with deep contemplation, prayer, and meditation.

Crown Chakra Symbol

The crown chakra symbol is depicted as a violet thousand-petaled lotus flower. This thousand-petaled lotus symbol that is associated with the crown chakra is one that possesses transcendental meaning. It signifies beauty, renewal, and purity. The crown chakra is also known as the sahasrara chakra. It is the energy center of universal knowledge and spiritualism which connects you to the divine. The crown chakra influences the brain and the nervous system, as well as the emotions and the level of understanding and enlightenment. Considering the crown chakra is the energy center of transcendence and renewal, the lotus flower is symbolically appropriate. The crown chakra symbol can’t be fully remarked upon without speaking more on its violet color. This color is deeply tied to psychic insight and to otherworldly knowledge. Even in fiction, psychic energy is often depicted as being purple in color. It is pervasive enough that even those who aren’t consciously aware of chakras and their powers seem to have a primal knowledge of the psychic meaning of this color. You’ll find that those crystals that connect best to the crown chakra are often very striking in their violet or purple colors, but clear crystals are also often sought out for crown chakra work too. That’s because they are stones of clarity, and clear vision of the crown chakra is considered very important in welcoming the higher wisdom it can bring. Some illustrations of the crown chakra symbol include an “Om” image sitting in the lotus’s center. In Hinduism, the Om symbolizes the Absolute, or all that was, is, and will be. According to ancient tradition, to understand the incomprehensible is not possible for the human mind. Therefore, depicting the absolute in one symbol makes it a lot easier.

Crown Chakra Location

The seventh chakra, or more commonly known as the crown chakra, can be found just above the top of the head. If you stand straight, just picture a small hole at the top of your head. That is where your crown chakra is located. It is primarily associated with the pituitary gland, and secondarily to the hypothalamus and the pineal. They work as a team to regulate the endocrine system. Because of this chakra’s location, it is closely associated with the brain and the entire nervous system. It is said that the crown chakra is also energetically associated with the first chakra because both are at the chakra system’s extremities.

Traits and Characteristics of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is associated with your consciousness or your intuitive knowledge. It relates to your awareness of your higher consciousness and wisdom, as well as to your connection to your spirituality. This chakra represents your connection with the formless and with the limitless, and your integration with your highest self.

The crown chakra represents your realization and independence from mortal things, your wisdom, and your wholeness.

It speaks about your communion with higher states of consciousness and your oneness with the divine. This chakra is responsible for your bliss and ecstasy, and your surrender to the divine. It relates to your spiritual nature, your psychic gifts, and your ability to sense divine plans. The open and activated crown chakra brings an end to your perceived limitations, whether they are personal limitations or limitations that are bound to space and time. The sense of awareness that comes with the unlocking of the crown chakra is transcendent and universal. It’s traditionally regarded as the chakra of wisdom, self-knowledge, and illumination. However, at a deeper level, this is the chakra that empowers you to realize that your separate self is not real, and that separation is merely an illusion. It is through the crown chakra that you experience the fundamental reality that all life is one. Nothing can be separate from the Creator who is omnipresent.

Receptiveness to a higher understanding is a quality of the crown chakra, as well as the realization that there are many solid expressions of truth that point to the same basic reality of oneness. When the crown chakra becomes perverse, the result is false wisdom that thinks it knows all there is to know, or that it is the ultimate truth. This is based on the illusion of duality, and that reality can be divided into different compartments, and that the separate mind has the ability to recognize which is true and which is not. Signs of a polluted crown chakra can be recognized in people who feel completely sure they are right, especially the fanatical ones who force other people to comply. Another sign of this is intellectualism, where people argue for or against an idea without going beyond the idea to a direct spiritual experience that is beyond words!

What Causes a Crown Chakra Imbalance?

The crown chakra can become blocked because of emotional upsets, such as accidents, losses, or conflicts. Stress, anxiety, and fear are also just some of the common causes of malfunctioning crown chakras. When blockages accumulate in this energy center, the result is a disruption in the flow of energy through the crown chakra. These blockages disrupt the balance and harmony and eventually cause disease, as well as mental and emotional disorders in the physical body.

Overactive Crown Chakra

It’s very easy to spot an overactive crown chakra. People with an overactive crown chakra tend to be very lofty and pompous. They have very rigid beliefs, and they are people you can consider very dogmatic. They are disconnected from reality but often exhibit grandiosity. People with overactive crown chakras are secretive, obsessive, critical, wasteful, greedy, uncaring, selfish, and hypocritical. They tend to be easily corrupted and even have criminal tendencies. They are always confused and often suffer from lightheadedness, dizziness, migraines, headaches, anxiety, and spiritual depression. They feel lost and disoriented. When they’re not depressed, they are usually destructive. People with an overactive crown chakra also can be manic depressive and materialistic. Sometimes they are passionate, but most of the time they are distant.

They enjoy dominating other people, and they are very rigid in their belief systems. There is a constant sense of frustration and unrealized power. They are big spiritual cynics, and they also experience learning difficulties. An overactive crown chakra can leave you feeling vulnerable to many physical and non-physical symptoms, including light sensitivity, mental fogginess, dissociation, and lack of inspiration. In some cases, it may also create feelings of aggression towards others. You can become very judgmental and critical, too. It’s not uncommon to become distrustful of others, either. When the crown chakra is overactive, it will feel like you’re right in the middle of a crisis and you cannot find your way back.

5 of the Most Common Blocked Crown Chakra Symptoms

When the crown chakra falls out of balance, how you function and respond to your environment is greatly affected.

The five most common symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include indecisiveness, fatigue, a sense of not belonging, loneliness, and meaninglessness.

If the crown chakra is fully blocked, it will feel like you are cut off from life and from people. You live in great fear, and you don’t look forward to the future. When you have this chakra completely blocked, you reject any notion of spirituality and don’t find meaning in life beyond the physical and material. Although your higher self may consciously or unconsciously nag you to do so.

Crown Chakra Healing in 9 Steps

A crown chakra that is not balanced or aligned will make you feel out of sorts. An overactive or underactive chakra will make you feel detached from the world and make you appear flighty to other people. Familiarizing yourself with the symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance is important for cleansing, balancing, and healing this specific energy center. Be on the lookout for psychological imbalances, split personalities, memory disorders, excessive gullibility, and nightmares. There will also be physical manifestations, such as cancer, epilepsy, baldness, headaches, migraine, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, coma, delusions, amnesia, pituitary problems, Parkinson’s disease, or hysteria. The crown chakra is complex because it’s your connection to the spiritual world and your innermost self. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can cleanse, balance, and heal your crown chakra.

1. Meditate.

Your crown chakra will be deeply influenced by meditation because it’s your connection to the higher power and to your higher self. Visualize a golden light illuminating the crown of your head, including that space just above it. Feel this glow recharge and illuminate both your body and spirit. Allow this soft but powerful light to reconnect you with the world, with your own authentic self, and with your own true light. Regularly meditating is very beneficial. If you only have a few minutes to meditate, just try to imagine a violet lotus flower on top of your head for a simple but effective crown chakra meditation.

2. Leave your ego at the door.

If you must know, ego and self-confidence are two entirely different things. Learning to release yourself from an ego-driven life will benefit you in so many ways, not the least of which is a healthy and balanced crown chakra. One thing that you should remember is that ego is usually fueled by insecurity. True confidence comes from acceptance and true knowledge of yourself.

3. Seva (a selfless service that is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it)

Help others for the sake of helping them, and you will be rewarded a hundredfold. Your crown chakra will also benefit from it. Reaching out and helping others will strengthen your connection to your world, which is one of the crown chakra’s main purpose.

4. Choose love.

You can’t fully love another person until you learn to love yourself. Loving yourself for who you truly are is the first step in accepting others. When you choose to love each time, you are also letting go of the tensions present in your other chakras.

5. Pray.

For many people, prayer is a very personal thing. It does not need to be foreign or formal. It can be as simple as setting your intentions in your yoga practice. Just close your eyes and allow your deeper voice to be your guide. Pray to find your innermost self, and to tap into the stillness that lies within you.

6. Yoga Asanas

Most yoga asanas are beneficial to the crown chakra because of their meditative aspect. Slow practice that allows time for lots of focus on the breath is very good. It will not focus on pushing boundaries or striving to achieve challenging poses, but rather on working on mindfulness and meditation.

7. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for the crown chakra includes a wide range of scents. You can use flowery essential oils, such as lavender, rose, and jasmine to soothe an overactive crown chakra.

More pungent essential oils such as myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood can be used to stimulate a blocked or underactive chakra.

8. Spend some time out in the sun.

The crown chakra’s elements are light and thought, so spending time under the sun is beneficial for unblocking or balancing the crown chakra. Read books, solve crossword puzzles, or watch a though-provoking documentary while sitting out in the sun. It’s an easy way to heal this chakra.

9. Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful and loving way to bring back the balance to your crown chakras. By using certain touch points on or around the body, the energy centers are cleared and re-structured and a new level of awareness is achieved.

The Crown Chakra and Emotional Healing

The Crown Chakra has much to do with your personal knowledge, power, and consciousness. Therefore, it can be used to develop a person’s sense of self and make him or her more aware of their inner wisdom as well as their spiritual connection, giving them a higher sense of purpose. The Crown Chakra strengthens a person’s bond with the universe and the divine realm. When activated fully, the Crown Chakra holds a great many gifts and blessings that serve to improve a person’s life and personality via a process of emotional healing. These gifts often come in the form of the valuable experiences that one needs in order to best understand how the world works and how it can be improved. The experiences that come with the Crown Chakra will clarify to you that unity and generosity are some of the most important factors when it comes to leading a fulfilling life. When you start to understand that the world is interconnected at the most fundamental level, you will be more welcoming and accepting of the knowledge that other people bring. In this process, you will experience a feeling of oneness with the people around you, which will make more selfless and compassionate towards other things and people. Once you start realizing that every little experience that life brings your way is actually part of a much larger scheme, you will be more grateful for all the people in your life and for all your experiences. The sooner you come to the realization that even your bad experiences can teach you some very valuable lessons to take forward with you, the sooner you will be able to start living the life you have envisioned for yourself. The Crown Chakra, in essence, guides you towards your destined path. It also ensures that your bond with the higher realm is strengthened so that you can receive the guidance that your guardian angels are sending your way. Once you are content in the knowledge that there is a higher being looking out for you and supporting you in all that you do, you will let go of the fear, anxiety, and insecurities holding you back. With the Crown Chakra, your spirit will be liberated and you will become emboldened to do things and take risks that you never thought you could before for fear of failing. Remember, the biggest failure in life is to not have taken any risks, which is why activating your Crown Chakra will enable you to stop playing it safe and step out of your comfort zone to explore new things. The Crown Chakra is mainly focused on keeping your values intact, which is why it also helps keep you well-grounded while also uplifting your spirits. The Crown Chakra will allow you to consider the thoughts, emotions, and situations of other people. It will also urge you to share your blessings with those who haven’t been as gifted as you, in addition to being of service to others so that you may improve their lives and, thus, the world around you.

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