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Can Reiki be the Solution to All Our Health Problems?

Reiki should not be thought of as a solution to all our health problems, but it can definitely help to improve some of our medical conditions.

Non-invasive healing modalities like Reiki create an opportunity for us to become aware of our overall health. Meaning that no system of our body is separate and apart from the other. What affects the emotions affects you physically; and what affects you mentally, affects you on a spiritual level. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that our medical conditions are affecting us on an energetic level let alone on a spiritual level.

Why would a person be interested in receiving Reiki? Because it provides an experience of transformation in your wellbeing from the inside out. Some physical symptoms can even be decreased significantly with the use of Reiki.

Our physical wellbeing is typically the part of us of which we are most aware. Reiki helps to address not only some of the aches and pains, but it also helps to release some of the worry that a medical symptom may cause.

The emotional consequence of these worries about our health can lead us to a further imbalance in our energetic bodies and a worsening of some symptoms.

By participating in Reiki sessions, clients can expand their knowledge about how we can achieve wellness even if the Practitioner cannot assist them with all their ailments. The result of this awareness and healing is the ability to thrive despite their health conditions.

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