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Reiki Master Practitioner
Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner
Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner


My name is Ave-Maria, I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner and Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner.

I combine Reiki and Crystal Reiki modalities in offering healing sessions within the calm, peaceful and safe environment of my Healing Room. I am also able to offer Distance Healing for those who due to illness or distance are unable to visit.

Since recently receiving a certificate of completion, I am now a certified Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner, and can offer Space Clearing service, as well.

After leaving a corporate working environment I sought the peace and calm I craved in my life, finding it within the beautiful modalities of Reiki and Crystal Healing. 

I have been on my own Spiritual Path for more than ten years and am finding it to be a continuously evolving journey. That is, I’m never quite sure what Spirit has in store for me next.

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