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Reiki Master Practitioner
Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner
Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner

Certified Crystal Practitioner


My name is Ave-Maria and I am delighted to introduce myself as a Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner, Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner and Certified Crystal Practitioner. Throughout my journey, I have been deeply passionate about alternative healing and spirituality. 


My interest in these practices began when I personally experienced the profound effects of energy and its impact on overall well-being. This realization ignited a desire within me to delve deeper into the world of alternative healing modalities. 


Over the years, I have dedicated myself to learning and mastering the art of Reiki, a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and healing through the balancing of energy. Becoming a Reiki Master has allowed me to not only heal myself but also assist others on their path to wellness.


Additionally, my certification as a Crystal Practitioner has reinforced my connection with the Earth's energies. Crystals hold immense power and can aid in rebalancing and harmonizing our energy fields. Through my practice, I aim to help individuals tap into their innate healing abilities and find balance in mind, body, and spirit.


It brings me great joy and fulfillment to guide others on their own healing journeys, empowering them to discover their inner potential and achieve holistic well-being. I believe that incorporating alternative healing and spirituality into our lives can lead to profound transformations and a greater sense of peace and harmony.


I am honored to share the benefits of Reiki and crystal healing with all those who are seeking an alternative approach to wellness. Together, let us embark on a journey towards healing and enlightenment.

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